We build great products that empower sustainable businesses

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We build great products that empower sustainable businesses

About Firolab

Firolab is a software development firm based in Sri lanka.

We have extensive experience in many diverse areas of software development.Our experienced staff of professionals has worked with a wide array of platforms, languages, and tools in the course of our various projects.


Our Services

  • Custom web application development
  • IT solution outsouring
  • Web deisgn and development

Why you should choose Firolab

  • Can firolab help me plan my next project?

    Absolutely! We consider the planning of a project to be a key aspect in the overall lifecycle project. Our team can help with every aspect of a project, from planning through to design, development and launch. Our directors are very knowledgeable about technologies and how to structure and plan a project to best meet your customers' needs.

  • Do firolab charge for consultations?

    No, we’re always happy to meet potential clients to discuss their requirements.

  • How does the design process work?

    We take the design process of a new project very seriously. Our approach is to plan and map out what is required and how that comes together with a user journey through the application. The first step is to create a project plan, and from there we create basic design of the application. We then move on to the development process.

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